© 1971, Columbia Stereo Vinyl LP S30412
Producer: Thomas Z. Shepard

This posting of the complete Bob and Ray comedy album (based on the duo’s 1970 Broadway show The Two and Only) is in MP4 format. If you are ... perish the thought ... a Windows user, you can hear these files by downloading and installing the free Quicktime media player from Apple Computer. An alternative is the free VLC Media Player which you can download here.

I first posted a few of the tracks almost a year ago (31 Jan 2007). Recently I obtained an ION turntable and used its USB connection, the excellent Sound Studio software, Mac OS 10.4.10, and my MacBook Pro to make easy work of this recording.

SIDE 1 (MP4, 11.8MB, 00:27:16): Overture, Wally Ballou and Hector Lassie, Curtain Rises, Intro Remarks, Wally Ballou and Cranberry Man; Komodo Dragon, Gabe Preston #1, Beautiful Face, Gabe Preston #2, Larry Lovebreath Show #1 -- Barry Campbell, Slow Talkers of America (STOA)

SIDE 2 (MP4, 11.9MB, 00:28:45): Larry Lovebreath Show #2 -- Dog Trainer, Grand Canyon Public Service Announcement, Truffle Hunter; Biff Burns and Stuffy, In-Depth News -- Hap Whatney, Sore Loser, David Chetley, Money Announcement, Corrupt Mayor, Gabe Preston #3, Curtain Call, Encores -- Children’s Menu, McBeebee Twins

For more information on Bob & Ray, including links to other audio files on the internet, see:
http://www.archive.org/details/otr_bobandray (lots of free audio files)

For you budding historians and trivia collectors out there, here is some correspondence I had with Bob Elliot in 1971 and 1980: Bob+Ray_Ltrs_1971-80.pdf.


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